Ingrid & Iain

Image: Hello Sweetheart
Set in the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of Hartley Vale near the Blue Mountains, One of our most magical couple’s, Ingrid and Iain’s barn wedding held at Collits Inn, perfectly blended modern bohemian styling with the rustic charm for which the amazing barn venue has become renowned. Ingrid and Iain met by chance on a night out with friends one Christmas a couple of years earlier. Iain was at a party with his friends and their partners at the Retro on Sussex Street in Sydney, which coincidentally was where Ingrid had decided to go for further Christmas revelry after dining with a girlfriend at the Beresford in Surry Hills.
Image: Hello Sweetheart
Ingrid was chatting with her girlfriend at the bar when Iain summoned up the courage to break the ice, buoyed up with Christmas spirit and a hearty attempt of sampling everything the drinks menu had to offer! From that chance meeting, the couple grew to became inseparable, realising they had met their soul mate and the one they wanted to share the rest of their life with. In due course, the wedding proposal followed. Thank goodness for us here at Blue Mountains Floral Designs because the rest yet to follow has us swooning!
Image: Hello Sweetheart

Collits Inn

The couple had come upon Collits Inn when searching online for a wedding venue in the country that was relaxed and comfortable for their friends and family to spend a weekend celebrating their nuptials.

Image: Trish Carter
After looking into Collits Inn further, they realised it was advertised as a WedShed venue – WedShed being a wedding venue booking website that one of Iain’s friends owned. The couple also found out that one of Iain’s school friends had been married there a few years prior and they were impressed by the stunning photographs of the picturesque barn setting and wedding styling that was showcased on the Collits Inn’s website.

Ingrid and Iain decided to take a trip to the Blue Mountains to see Collits Inn a week or so later. On visiting the venue, they instantly fell in love with the striking bush setting and rustic barn and homestead, as well as the relaxed, easygoing owners Cheryl, Chris, Caitlin and Steve. At that moment they made up their minds that it would be the ideal location for their eclectic style wedding and decided not to see any other venues.

Image: Hello Sweetheart

Wedding Flowers

After deciding on the venue and locking in the date, the couple discussed what type of wedding flowers would complement the setting and bohemian wedding styling they’d chosen for their theme. Ingrid felt that vibrant and warm Autumn colour tones, such as burnt orange, layers of coral & blush pink and loads of greenery would perfectly contrast the crisp, fresh white bridesmaid dresses and the rich timber of the barn. They discussed their preferences for wedding flowers with Blue Mountains Floral Designs, who individually tailored the bouquets and flower arrangements to suit their needs.

Image: Trish Carter

Ingrid’s Bouquet

Oh my gosh we had SO much fun designing beautiful Ingrid’s bouquet! She was a FABULOUS bride & entrusted us with the final details.

We included a combo of Ingrid’s favorite floral combinations being Australian & South African Native Flora with our very own home grown & pesticide free Dahlia’s.

The rest of the goods…

Ingrid & Iain’s Wedding Team

LOCATION: Collits Inn, Hartley Vale NSW

PHOTOGRAPHY: Hello Sweetheart

FLORALS: Blue Mountains Floral Designs

CELEBRANT: Married By Allegra

INGRID’S GOWN: Karen Willis Holmes

HAIR: The Bridal Hair Co

MAKE-UP: The Bridal Make-up Co

CLEAR MARQUEE:Blue Mountains Special Event Hire

CAKE: JK Cake Designs

BRASS CANDELABRA HIRE:The Style Vine – Australia